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Our Fleet.


Since 2004 our caar pool is growing very fast. Cicadian buys, sells and cares allowed us to offer you a new, modern and dynamic fleet. Based on named facts our trucks are very certain. Our car pool consist of tipper, push floors, drawbar combinations, curtain side trailer,  container and tanker trucks. All our trucks offer a high quality for a good business relation.

Tank trailer

Up to 32 m³

Our tank trailers are isolated, heatable and affordable. We assure your cleanliness and a high standard of hygiene, to offer the best quality. Cyclical purchases and sales of trucks and tank trailers keep our car pool up to date.


Your pros:

- high standard of hygiene and new technique

- based on isolated tanks your fluidness are safe from temperature effects

- our multi-compartment vehicles afford the best degree of capacity utilisation
  and are very flexible


​- transportation of fluidness (food)


Tipper trailer

Up to 50 m³

All our tipper trucks have grain sliders, dust bags and roller covers. Naturally all of our tipper trucks are GMP-qualified. 

Your pros:

- based on roller covers we offer an absolutely dry transportation of your goods

​- based on dust bags it is allowed to work dust-free


- bulk materials

Beverage transports

up to 38 pallet spaces

Especially for customers of the beverage industry we offer individual trailers, which have space for up to 38 pallet spaces and up to 37 pallet spaces, if you want to have material handling equipment. Our beverage trailers comply with DIN EN 12642.

Your pros:

- sliding tarpaulin

- payload up to 22 t

- hydro-pneumatic lifting-roof both at transport vehicle and at trailer (400 mm)




- beverage transport

Container trailer

Container each up to 38,6  (up to 77,2 )

In the management of energy and waste we are taking on your individual requirements for transport. Therefore we are prividing containers and push floors. The containers comply with DIN 30722 and offer several application possibilities.


Your pros:

- suppressible and storable

- in addition we offer you articulated vehicles

- you can use your own container

- ne need for stock transfer

- you can use our container



- different types of bulk goods and general cargo e.g. bark mulch, old wood, paper, PET, light packaging materials, alternative fuels, scraps and metalsof any kind

Curtain side trailer

up to 13,6 loading metre

Our tautliners have both Edscha sliding roofs for crane loading and lifting-roof. So we can offer perfect transport solutions within and outside Germany. To offer best quality all our truck drivers have to pass periodic trainings.

Your pros:

- 34 pallet spaces

- aperture height up to 2,75 m

- measures 13,60 x 2,45 x 2,60 m

- XL-certificate

- extended fence and lifting-roof


- palleted goods

- general cargo

Push floor trailer

Up to 96 

Our push floors allowed us to transport bulk and palleted goods. They are versatile in their use in a agricultural economy and energy business.

Your pros:

​- high range of capacity and profitableness​

- safe and absolutely dry transportation

- can be driven over by a forklift 


- bulk materials

- palleted goods

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